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Using a Quarantine Tank is HIGHLY recommended for any and all livestock purchases.

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2016 05:06PM EST
We highly recommend that you follow Best Husbandry practices as stated in all marine life aquarium books, our site and all sites which sell the same type of products we sell. 
The Packing slip which was included in the box gave detailed acclimation instructions - and that info can be found on our site by visiting -

As stated on the 5th line from the top in Bold Orange print of our Terms of Service:

Using a Quarantine Tank is HIGHLY recommended for any and all livestock purchases.

95% Of the products within this hobby are wild caught products, therefore it is in the consumers best interest to provide their own QT of animals - regardless of what retailer states has been done - at the end of the day - the consumer stands to lose if there is an issue.  Therefore - we strongly recommend that these practices are used to prevent the demise of animals already within the customer’s tank.

Much like the puppy industry - animal disease is a real issue - parasites are in the wild - and migrate to the captive aquarium easily - failure to observe and treat an issue falls directly onto the consumers responsibility and this should be a consideration when buying animals which are coming from the wild.  However even captive bred animals have been contaminated with parasites which are n wild environments - as noted in this article by University of Florida Aquatic Facility in Riverview Florida (see attached). is a certified Aquaculture facility within the state of Florida therefore all training, autopsies etc are performed by the Marine Biologists at the UIF facility 30 miles south of our warehouse. 

In this article - you will note that Marine ICH has been observed cross contaminating a system by which the only vehicle for migration was air.  The marine biologists believe that rotifers, phytoplankton and many parasites become airborne to fulfill their need for food & reproduction - once again an excellent example of survival of the fittest. 

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